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「Promotion of the BONDS INDEX providing management thoughts」

Internet flyers production are required to attract customers so far, including public relations and planning work tends to be on the back burner in corporate activities.

Make a profit in the short term it is have a tendency that preceded the staffing industry sales, manufacturing, and an essential sector.


Hit the strategic lack the managers force studying SEO and Internet advertising methods, appointed spokesman for one company, knowing both the right and the left, thought at one press release.


Have seen many site conducts public relations and planning not well tied to business results.


BONDS INDEX is “desire not to…” that philosophy will provide a “business impact” promotion service.

Speed is required for promotion.


When you could very well run “delegation of authority and responsibility to the field” specifically affects the impact management.

And, realities of attracting customers is “reality”.


Show your company’s appearance of truth rather than the technology theory, we will be with us from the system making.


Will together be practical promotion, from the system.

Beyond the boundaries of the areas, connecting your business and Director-designer-programmer industry provides on-site, hands-on promotion service.


BONDS INDEX promotion representative


(1) new and renewal of WEB site operation
(2) attract and us producing a number of improved services
(3) movie apps
(4) pamphlets WEB design and programming operations
(5) design and printing, etc.